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Data should be at the heart of a  modern organisation's decision making process.  Access to timely, accurate, reliable data is important for any organisation.  We can help get the data you have into the right place to run efficient systems and make decison making more dependable.

Associated with this is the need, in the modern world, to understand what is happening with all system connected activities. This is where good reporting and data analysis are essential.

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Services and skills


We are committed to making data work for UK companies. Access to timely, accurate and readily accessible data is paramount to modern commercial success. Use See The Spark to help make your data available when you don't have resources in house to develop a data and reporting infrastructure.


Bringing data from diverse sources together, matching it with existing data and making it available for consumption is one of our key skills.

Systems analysis 

With many years of system development and administration experience we are happy to build, support and untangle your current systems.

Open source 

Open source software is a growing area.  We use open source and we contribute to open source projects.  See our Github pages



A lightweight and fast data transfer package. Emphasis is on simplicity not a dizzying array of functions.

Netley services 

A suite of services to support web infrastructure. It facilitates scalable, flexible application development. It includes a reporting system for your data.


Easy display of events on a map of the UK in near real time. Built for retail sales but adaptable to nearly any sort of frequent event.


Free, templated websites.  Available below or to white label.  Driven by Netley services Sites are flexible and scalable.  If you out grow the free version the Site can be easily transferred to run on bespoke code and data is available via rich APIs.

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