Sites by See The Spark 

Create a beautiful website in minutes.  Choose from a collection of expertly designed themes.  All you have to do is add your own text and images to personalise the Site.
Simplicity and speed are the name of the game here but if you need more then Sites can be extended, without limits, to accomodate your needs.  Sites are built on top of a collection of data services which makes them very flexible.
To edit pages or add a page simply add "/content" to the end of the URL. This will bring up the content management system. Clicking the Save button makes your changes visible on the page without /content
Now it's time for you to create.
Want new features?  Sites not giving what you want? Let us know and we will do what we can to help.


Using Sites

Help is available via the ? icons on /content pages, via the chat window on /content pages or via the Sites wiki at  
Sites are quite basic at the moment but the more you use features the more work will be done to improve them and extend functionality.
A few built in page types are available.  A simple blogging engine is available at <your Sites address>/blog.  Adding /content to the end allows the usual content changes but adding /edit to the end brings up the blog editor.  Inbound link tracking is available at <your Sites address>/l/edit.  Usage is a bit fiddly so you should refer to the help wiki for assistance.  Both of these features were designed for internal use so are not particularly intuitive.  The more they are used or commented on the more likely we are to improve the interfaces.
More advanced control over how your page looks is possible by clicking on the page </> icon in the top right of any editable area.  This allows you to edit the underlying HTML.

Example themes


A theme for promoting a mobile app or service.  The content editor is above and the customer view below.  The design is originally from 

Our Site 

This theme forms the basis for See The Spark's website. It is responsive which means it adapts to suit the size of screen it is being viewed on.  All of our Sites are responsive.  Originally from

Clean and simple 

A simple and uncluttered theme, perhaps for a small business.  Most of our designs come from but we have made them editable in a browser and easy to use.