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See The Spark Sites (Sites) is a free service provided without warranty.  See The Spark accepts no liability for your usage of Sites.  You use this service entirely at your own risk.
See The Spark reserves the right to close Sites and/or user accounts without warning or explanation.  Sites must not be used to insight violence, for porn or for for illegal activities.  See The Spark accepts no liability for downtime or data loss though it is in our interests to limit both.  There are no formal usage limits but if a Site is generating a huge amount of traffic we may insist your Site move to one of our paid plans.
From time to time we may include small, unintrusive adverts on Sites pages.  This will help to fund the service. 
Sites will be deleted if not accessed for 3 months or not edited in 6 months.
Most Sites themes are from and freely licenced for commercial and non commercial use but it is your responsibility to check licensing restrictions.